Christmas comes early for Zing's Biggest Fan

Zing TV's Jukebox Live made Christmas come early for one of its biggest fans. Dev Joshi, who suffers from the medical condition of Autistic Spectrum Disorder, was invited to the Zee TV London studios to join his favourite presenter Asad Shan on the music request show. After hearing the story and email request from Bhavi Joshi, Zee TV decided to make the 9-year old's dreams come true on 7th Sept. Bhavi Joshi's email was picked up by celebrity host Asad Shan who specially called in Dev to co-host the show that receives an average 50 song requests a day. The idea was to let Dev feel that he is part of Zee Family and being appreciated.

Zing's Jukebox is Dev's favourite program, that's where Dev called Asad and requested a song, which he recorded and played often. Bhavi Joshi said,"Thankyou Asad and team as Zing fulfilled Dev's wish by not only letting him meet the host but also appear on-screen co-hosting the show. Dev was overwhelmed by Asad's gesture since he is a big fan."

Dev mentioned while co-hosting Zing Jukebox,"It feels so infinite, I want to completely dedicate this to my mum and dad because they are so lovely."

You can watch Dev's appearance on Jukebox here:

Dev has always been a fan of the show and followed Asad's work. However, after attending Zee London Studios, he now follows all of the presenters Natasha and Anila & keeps in contact via their personal social media accounts. Dev has also shown immense improvement in social interaction and spontaneous speech development, as per his mother.

Zee Network's tag line is 'the world is my family' and this is just one of the ways in which the channel has put its public first. Forever thinking of new ways in which to bring the community together with the spirit of the network, Zee TV has not only created a music request show dedicated to viewers calling in to request their favourite Bollywood songs, but also actively works to reach out to audiences on a personal basis as highlighted through Dev. As a channel, we put our viewers first and will continue to open our studio doors in order to really touch the lives of many and affect positive change. Zee is a significant platform providing the community with a powerful medium on which they can have a voice and reach the hearts and minds of others.

Zee Companion is another community initiative by Zee TV to help the community where an expert is interviewed for one hour, daily Monday to Friday, at prime time on various topics such as health, wellness, legal and entertainment. It is one of the few shows in the country enabling viewers to call-in with questions and speak to an expert on such a huge platform with its thousands of viewers.

Zing's JUKEBOX : A show where popular and eclectic range of Bollywood songs are played every week on viewers request through calls, Facebook requests & tweets.

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