Starting 22nd September, Ye Vaada Raha to air every Monday to Friday at 10 PM on Zee TV

There are some relationships in life that we are born into and others that we form on our own, out of choice. And then, there are still others that are born out of a promise given to someone. Zee TV's upcoming primetime drama Ye Vaada Raha explores a unique bond of the latter kind that develops between two young souls who, on the face of it, have very little in common. You have Kartik, the 19 year old nephew of a local don & Survi, the 9 year old daughter of an honest, upright, lower middle-class man. Survi's hard circumstances have made her wise beyond her years while Kartik's a carefree soul, just about coming of age and blindly does everything that Bhau (his uncle) expects him to. But, their destinies are bound together by a promise that Kartik makes to Survi's father, a man he looks up to. A promise that will keep them together for life!

Set in Mumbai, the show has a distinct flavour of Maharashtra's rich and vibrant culture. Playing a pivotal role in the show is the talented Rinku Karmakar, who returns to television after a gap of nearly two years. She plays the character of the local don's wife Taayi a loud, feisty, formidable figure who enjoys her power and manoeuvres everything as per her whims. With a sharp wit and an incisive sense of humour, she is an immensely entertaining Maharashtrian character, quite unlike any other seen on Indian television. Playing the lead protagonist Kartik, Ankush Arora makes his debut as a lead on television with this show while the noted child artiste Roshni Walia plays the role of Survi. Other prominent names include actors Pankaj Vishnu essaying the role of Survi's father, Shrikant and Ajay Paul who will be seen as the local don Bhau.

The show is produced by Trishula Productions. Concept Creator Vivek Bahl said, 'Ye Vaada Raha' explores the innocent world of Kartik & Survi They may appear to have precious little in common being born a decade apart, yet they form a bond so strong that Survi will always look out for Kartik, and he, in turn, will go all out to protect Survi from the big, bad world at all times. What lies ahead for both is a journey of hope, fears, pressures, responsibilities towards one's families, love and above all, a promise that must be honoured at all costs! The show has renowned actors like Rinku Karmarkar and Pankaj Vishnu in pivotal roles while Ankush and Roshni playing the lead protagonists are very aptly cast for their respective roles. It's a show set in Mumbai and the central characters are Maharashtrians, so we've looked into the finer aspects of getting the cultural nuances and tonality right. We look forward to a great response from the audience!"

Starting 22nd September, Ye Vaada Raha will air every Monday to Friday at 10 PM, only on Zee TV.