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Wednesday - 11:00

Synopsis and Cast: If you have a fussy daughter who refuses to eat or a growing son who gets hungry every hour, this show is especially for you! Bacha Party is a cooking show designed for young mothers who are faced with a daily challenge of feeding their children interesting food that is both healthy and delicious.

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Food Ka Mood

Tuesday - 11:00

Synopsis and Cast: Chef Gautam Mehrishi demonstrates new cooking techniques

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ZEE News

Mon - Fri - 16:30

Synopsis and Cast: A daily news bulletin from Zee News India.

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Big Story Big Debate

Saturday - 16:00

Synopsis and Cast: Debate cum discussion show which primarily deals with the biggest story of the day.

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Out & About

Saturdays - 17:00

Synopsis and Cast: Out and About is a community programme that covers events organised by the Asian community in UK.

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